About Us

We are a small Veteran owned business based out of Ogden, Utah. We specialize in using products made in the United States. The fabrics, threads, leather and hats are all made right here in the US. Some items are still hard to find and I use as much as possible. If you look in the item descriptions it will say if its 100%. Currently the shirts I offer are made from USA products but are sewn in Mexico. Everything else I offer is 100%. Made in U.S.A. 

Our goal is to us American products not only for the quality but helping support American jobs around the country and with my own experience I can tell you that a hat that is made in America with thread, fabric, and leather all from America feels better wearing with an American Flag on it then something from China, made with slave labor. 


About Me

I grew up in Northern Utah, along the Rocky Mountains and love the outdoors. I served 8 years in the US Navy and did two deployments to the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom in the early 2000’s. 

I truly love America and what it stands for. 

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